Vending multi-protocol interface

How to build a cash operated kiosk ? How to connect a touch-screen to a coffee machine? How to connect a touch-screen to a universal vending machine?

There are probably questions that many people encountered, trying to comply to a highly dynamic market and selective customers.

We have received this question and we responded to the challenge by creating this interface.

We called it multi-protocol interface that enables a wide variety of payment systems:
- MDB banknote validator (MDB bill acceptor);
- CcNet banknote validator (banknote acceptor ccNet);
- Banknote validator ID-003 (ID-003 banknote acceptor)
- MDB coin acceptor (MDB COIN);
- MDB changer (restiera MDB);
- CcTalk coin acceptor (COIN ccTalk);
- CcTalk hopper.

The interface is equipped with a dedicated port for Raspberry PI (Banana PI) modules or for connecting to a PC over an RS232 interface. Whether connecting to a PC to build a kiosk or to the Raspberry Pi (Banana PI) with  a 7" touchscreen to upgrade an universal vending machine, just your imagination can limit the use of its interesting and innovative projects.

Besides the mentioned ports, the interface also offers two dry-contact outputs (relays) and a port that allows the installation of various extensions that can be designed as required (display, keyboard command PLC, etc.)

It is a solution that demonstrates, once again, the world's vending offers endless possibilities on how original, the so interesting.