This equipment was developed at the request of a souvenir automatic machines manufacturer . It can be used for souvenir/medals dispensers, change machines and for penny press machines.

Download the manual here

It was designed with the following ports:

  • MDB master - to connect MDB payment systems - bill validator (acceptor) and coin acceptor, with or without change;
  • ccTalk - to connect the ccTalk hoppers (supports multiple hoppers connected simultaneously);
  • HIMECS parallel - to connect up to two parallel HIMECS's hoppers (model 85A-E);
  • LCD - to connect a parallel 8-bit LCD displays with backlight control (LCD backlight blinking);
  • RS232 - for a PC and single board computer (PI Raspberry, Banana Pi, etc.) or to connect a printer, an audit device, or other RS232 peripheral;
  • Coin/token sensor input (dry contact - NO);
  • 3 buttons (dry contact - NO);
  • Controlled 12VDC output with current limiting, to connect a product light;
  • ITL (Innovative Technologies) bill validator parallel port;
  • Parallel coin acceptor (compatible with RM5 / G13) - 10 pins / 12VDC;
  • Auxiliary power output - 12VDC;
  • Auxiliary power output - 24VDC;
  • ATMBUS (to connect any ATMBUS compatible module) - see "Scalable Modular Solutions" section.

The system also requires only a single 24VDC power supply and is equipped with all supplies needed to obtain working voltages (12V DC and 5 VDC).

At the same time, the controller is equipped with a 32KB EEPROM memory for storing information, and a real time clock with battery backup.