Universal change/token/souvenirs controller/bill breaker

Universal change machine/bill breaker, token dispenser and pre-pressed or penny-pressed controller.

This controller can be used for three types of distinct applications:

1. Change machine/bill breaker - to exchange bills with coins of equivalent value. This is useful for supermarkets, where carts are coin operated.

2. Token dispenser - token delivery for many applications (kiddie-rides,, playground, automatic car wash, etc.)

3. Souvenir machine controller. In this mode, the controller can be used for penny-pressed machines or for pre-pressed medals.

The controller is equipped with:

- MDB port for bill validators and coin acceptors;
- ccTalk port for hoppers (supports 4 simultaneous different products, with button selection and a 5th hopper for change after transaction);
- Parallel port  for Innovative Technologies bill validators. Any ITL bill validator can be used without any additional interface;
- LCD port to connect a LCD display with 2 rows x 16 characters;
- ATMBUS port to connect any ATMBUS extensions as needed (I/O, telemetry, etc.);
- Telemetry interface for additional GSM modem.

The machine works with a single power supply (24VDC/2A) and has been tested with Azkoyen Hopper's, NRI, Suzo Happ, Money Controls hoppers

The menu allows configuring the controller work mode, display counters of sales and cash, etc.

Below you can see a video demonstration of all modes.