Milk/fluids vending machine controller

This module was developed as a central module for milk or other fluids vending machine.

It has the following I/O:

- MDB for cash payment systems;
- LCD display for 2 rows, 16 alphanumeric characters;
- RS232 for serial peripherals (for example a printer);
- KEYBOARD - for a numerical matrix keyboard with 3 columns, 4 rows;
- TEMP SENSOR - to connect analogical temperature sensor;
- CABINET DOOR - for cabinet door contact switch;
- NOZZLE DOOR - for nozzle door contact switch;
- LEVEL SENSOR - to connect a digital open-collector level sensor;
- FLOW METER SENSOR - for volume measuring;
- HEATER RELAY - to turn ON/OFF the anti-freeze heater;
- AGITATOR RELAY - needed for milk anti-creaming system;
- MAIN PUMP RELAY - output for the main pump control;
- PINCH VALVE RELAY - output command for pinch valve;
- FLUSHING RELAY - output for flushing pump;
- MODEM - optional to connect a communication device for telemetry and alarms;

For this equipment we can develop, on request, any software application to fot your architecture.