MDB slave to GRPS interface

This interface is in the late testing stage. For more informations, please contact us.

This interface has the ability to connect to any MDB vending machine that supports a cashless device. After the interface is enabled by the vending machine, it connects to a server, using sockets, and accepts commands to rise a credit to the machine, approve/deny a vend or approve/deny a revalue (account recharge using cash on the vending machine).

Depending on the vending machine's capabilities, the interface can capture the received cash information from bill validators and coin acceptors/changers, change returned by coin changers and also, the cash sales, including selection number, for reporting applications (basic telemetry).

The interface has the following features:

  • MDB cashless - level 2, single vend, with begin session, vend approved, vend denied, revalue approved, revalue denied, and cash sales reporting with up to 200 selections non volatile counters to store sales;
  • 2 x MDB connectors (no need for "Y" cable);
  • RS232 interface for configuring and non-volatile memory reading/writing;
  • 2 inputs for buttons (general purpose inputs, define into the user's application, for example to signal machine's filling or cash-collect);
  • SIM card slot;
  • 2G (GPRS) module for data communication.

This device can be used by connecting to our gateway server, using a simple API to send credit to the machine, approve/deny vend, approve/deny revalue (account recharge with cash on the vending machine) and monitor the cash and sales for machines that can send those informations on MDB to the cashless device.

Manual v1.0 For firmware starting with 2017-08-30