MDB master to RS232 interface (DIRECT MODE)

(active prodct - samples available on stock)

Using this interface, anybody can simply connect MDB payment systems to any PC/computer or SBC (MDB to PC, MDB to Raspberry PI, MDB to Banana PI, MDB to PLC, etc.)

You can use the demo application for service and testing purpose, to test your MDB bill validators, coin acceptors and coin changers, without using any vending machine. Simply connect it to the computer and set the transaction parameters. The application also displays all status informations about your MDB payment systems.

It is an inteligent equipment with built-in microcontroller, that can manage all low level critical MDB tasks (9bit to 8bit conversion and back, ACK and NACK response in the critical time of 5ms, etc.)  The control protocol can be easily implemented on any operating system (Linux, Windows, Mac OS).

Schematic and binary .hex files available to integrate in your own board (ask for price).

This version supports MDB bill validators, MDB coin acceptors/changers and cashless devices.

It needs single 24VDC power supply.

All Python demo application requires PySerial 3.0.1

User manual v1.0 For firmware version starting with 2017, April 19
Python demo application v1.0 For firmware version starting with 2017, April 19