MDB to Executive machine interface converter

This interface was designed to connect MDB payment systems to Executive vending machines.

It can be connected to the Executive port of the vending machine and can manage any MDB peripheral (payment systems) such as bill validators, bill recyclers, coin acceptors, coin changers and cashless devices.

The interface is powered by 24VAC, directly from machine's transformer (make sure your MDB devices are supporting up to 34VDC input - they usually do).

Easy to install, no interface configuration needed, your application can send any MDB command to the bus making all things very flexible and putting the entire business logic in your hands.

Using this interface you can upgrade your vending machine to MDB and get more payment systems flexibility, you may get sales statistics and you may use dynamic pricing, bundles, etc.

Also, it is the easiest way to retrofit older machines by adding MDB functionality. It may be connected to any RS232 capable device (computer, Raspberry Pi or other SBC, Arduino boards, PLCs, etc.) Does not require hardware flow control and is only using RX/TX/GND wires for any basic device.



Download device manual