MDB to Executive bridge with RS232 control

(active product - on demand)

This interface can be used to connect MDB payment systems to Executive (Protocol A) vending machines in price holding mode to collect and reporting vending informations (cash, stock, etc.)

Vending informations are sent by using RS323 or USB interface.

Also, this interface can be used to remotely modify prices (which are stored o the device), sending a credit to the vending machine (working as cashless device) and returning change to a customer.

Can be controlled by a computer, Raspberry PI, PLC, etc.). The access to MDB and Executive is transparent to the user application.

It is powered by 24VAC directly from the vending machine.

It can be used in any configuration to connect Executive to PC, Executive to Raspberry Pi, etc.

You can download user manual here

You can download a Python 3 demo application (requires PySerial 3.0.1) here