Innovative-MDB-Executive interface converter

Because there are still many vending machines that only offers Parallel/Pulse and Executive interfaces for payment systems (Necta/Spazio Zanussi Brio, Colibri, Kikko, Venezia, Zenith, etc.) there is still an actual question "How to connect a bank note validator/acceptor (BV100, BV20, NV7 or NV9) with parallel interface and an MDB changer to an Executive port? "

Or "how to connect a bank note validator (bank note reader) on the Executive port?"

This situation is often encountered in the locations you wish to offer change to customers after the transaction.

Bank note validators BV100 and BV20 are well known and often used due to very good price and high rate of acceptance. Also most of the time we have only an MDB changer available (for example NRI G46). To cover those situations, it is usually necessary to upgrade the changer to add a module that supports the Executive and another module for MDB peripherals. At the same time, it is necessary to upgrade BV100/BV20 from Parallel/Pulse to MDB, usually by buying another cable interface. All these upgrades are really costly..

So, we decided to cut this cost under the half and developed an interface that meets the following specifications:
- Direct connection to a validator/acceptor BV100/BV20 parallel port;
- Direct connection to an MDB changer;
- Collects of coins and bank notes;
- Return the change in coins at the end of the transaction;
- Offers 12Vdc and 24Vdc power for both payment systems, without requiring external power supply (power is obtained by filtering and stabilizing 24Vac you can easily find in any vending machine).

This solution eliminates the extra cost of installing additional interfaces and all complications to build new cables for Innovative devices.