Change machine/token dispenser/souvenirs/car wash kit

This is a multifunctional smart-kit that can be used with the following functions

  • Token dispenser - can manage up to 5 ccTalk hoppers (can be different types) to dispense tokens, with 3 configurable price levels (for example, EUR0.50 = 1 token, EUR1.00 = 2 tokens, EUR2 = 5 tokens);
  • Souvenir (medals and coins) - can manage up to 5 ccTalk hoppers, with configurable price for each product;
  • Change machine - can manage up to 5 ccTalk hoppers with different coin values;
  • Cash accesss control system, with one relay and position sensor. It can be used for turnstiles, automatic gates, doors, etc. It supports 2 price levels, one for first sale and one for the following sales, when the credit is bigger than one access price (for example, on a EUR2.00 credit, first access is at EUR1.00 and the next 2 are at EUR0.50), useful for groups;
  • Cash/tokens control system for self-service car-wash facilities. Can control up to 8 relays and the price and the time si configurable for each relay. For example, it can be configured with EUR1/60sec - relay #1, EUR1.50/30sec - relay #3 and so on. Unused credit for one relay is automatically transfered to the next selected one (for example, if, for relay #1 there are 30 seconds left, they will be automatically converte dback to credit, according to the price for relay #1 and trasnfered to relay #1, acording to it's price, when the user switches from relay #1 to relay #2).

The system can be operated with cash only MDB payment systems (coin acceptors and bill validators). If no hopper is available for delivery, the controller will inhibit payment systems and will display an out of order message.

The system si a modular one and, depending on the function above, it can use one or more of the equipments below:


1. PICOVEND LCD CONTROLLER - easy to install, directly on LCD, needs a DC power supply from 9 to 30V, depending on the connected payment systems and/or hoppers. The controller is the core for any of the above functions. The software offers a very flexible and complex configuration menu with some functions reserved for the future, to cover all needs.

It is equipped with the following:
- MDB interface for cash payment systems (bill validator and/or coin acceptor). A change giver can be also connected, to offer change function;
- ccTalk interface, to connect different hoppers. The software can manage up to 5 hoppers (with ccTalk address 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7). Token or coin value can be configured individually for each hopper. The system need a decreasing value configuration for change machine mode, bat can be, also, configured with same value coins in different hoppers, to increase machine's capacity;
- Matrix keyboard interface (4 rows x 3 columns). The keyboard is used in "manual" modes, when a product selection is required (for example on souvenir machines or on car-wash systems);
- Service mode button interface, to access configuration menu.

2. PICOVEND IO 8XK - is an 8 elay module. Each relay can be configured with a specific price and time for that price. Each relay can support a current of up to 500mA/24V, so your panel should be equipped with some relays that can support your equipment working current and voltage.

This module can be used for self-service cash/token operated car-wash facilities.

The module is automatically decreasing the remaining time, based on the integrated RTC and will offer an audible feedback for the last 5 seconds.




3. PICOVEND IO TINY 1XK - is an one relay module, for cash access control. It is, also, equipped with a digital input (NC) that can be connected to a position sensor. This way, the credit will be used only when the control access equipment is position to receive the command (for example, when the gate/door is closed), avoiding a fake command.








This product is on heavy testing stage. If you have any requests, please do not hesitate to ask for more informations.