Change machine controller v1.0

This equipment has been designed to be part of a kit that allows either the supply tokens based on amount collected, or exchange of banknotes into coins.

The equipment allows the following connection systems:
- Banknote validator (banknote acceptor) MDB;
- CcTalk hopper;
- Alphanumeric LCD display with 2 rows of 16 characters cite.

The system is powered from an external 24 VDC capable of supporting a minimum consumption 2A.

Its applicability is very wide, starting with traditional change machine for supermarkets, which provide the necessary coins/tokens for customers using shopping carts, up to automatic delivery of tokens for different purposes (kiddie rides, promotional campaigns, competitions , etc.)

Also, there is a software version that was modified and where hopper is operated by a potential free contact for a Pepsi Cola marketing campaign.