Cash access control

This module was developed on the initial request of a transportation related customer to grant access on rest rooms in the bus stations after paying a fee.

It can be also used for any cash controlled access applications (parking, amusements places, turnstiles, etc.). It offers a better control for usage and consumables and eliminates the manpower which can be redirected to a beter hygiene control.

It has bee equipped with the following peripheral ports:

  • MDB port for cash and cashless payment systems;
  • 10pin parallel port for coin acceptors;
  • Innovative Technology parallel port for any ITL 16pin parallel bill validators;
  • Alphanumeric LCD 16x2;
  • 3 buttons input (for menu settings and exit button);
  • VTLCOMBUS expansion board, for further I/O expansions
  • RS232port;
  • C/NO/NC relay based dry contact output (10A/250VAC).

The module can be powered by a 12VDC power supply if used with parallel payment systems or by a 24VDC