Why vendingtools.ro?

We have created this site to provide some help to all people working in the vending market. We decided to share our experience. There are several domains in which we gather information, we developed projects and have solved problems.

We will try to add, as soon as possible, a large amount of useful information. But, until then, if you encounter a problem, if the bill validator and coin acceptor that you have are not compatible with your vending machine, if one is MDB and other Parallel, if one is MDB and other Executive, ccTalk or who knows which protocol, just send us a question.

We will provide the most qualified advices. Using our experience on vending area, with project developed, mostly from scratch. Interfaces, conversion between protocols, vending machine controllers or even new audit modules and remote communications, servers that receive information from field equipment, remote control modules using SMS for your vending machines or other electrical/electronic appliances.

And if we traveled a difficult road (but we really enjoyed the challenges that we faced them), it is, perhaps, a good time time to return something to the vending community. And provide our expertise to those who have problems just now and who is trying to develop their own vending solution.

We will publish articles and presentations. Solutions and ideas. But... meantime, just send us your questions. Tell us which are your problems. We will respond as soon as we can. And we will publish that answer right here on this site. Accompanied by full technical details, where we consider appropriate. Or even video tutorials. This will probably help other people with the same problem.